Thursday, September 12, 2013

Change of Address Notification list for a resident alien in the US

Here is the checklist for the address change notification for a resident alien in the US who are working on H1B or L1 or L2.

* USCIS: Fill the AR11 form & submit online
* DMV: DMV California change of address online
* IRS: Form 8822
* CA Tax Board: online at or form FTB 3533 - Change of Address
* Employer: Update the employee personal details
* Banks: bankofamerica, wellsfargo, chase, ..
* Credit Cards: americanexpress, chase, kohls, ..
* Insurance Companies: (auto, renters, ...) farmers
* Brokerage Accounts: ESPP, RSU, 401k, personal investing
* Lenders: car loans, ..
* Attorney: Fragomen, ..
* Phone Services: att, vonage, tmobile, verizon, ..
* Utility Services: eletricity, cable, internet, gas
* Doctors & Medical: kaiser, ..
* Shopping memberships: costco, ..
* Online Shopping: amazon, ebay
* Airline rewards program
* All other rewards program
* Alumni
* News paper / Magazine subscription

Monday, January 28, 2013

Where to check if your name is listed in Voter list

To check if your name is included in the voter lists published at the CEO Karnataka Website

Then click 'Final Roll of Batch 2 Assembly Constituencies-PDF Version ' and then select your BBMP zone and subsequently choose your assembly constituency and then go through the part no that you belong to.

Alternatively go to on the left hand side you have link for 'Search Your Name' . Name can be searched based on Name, EPIC No or Acknowledgement No.

If not included you can report your complaint here.

1. Call 1950 and seek information. If you do not get satisfactory answers, lodge complaint at Citizen Forum on CEO website.
2. If 1950 is not working, lodge complaint for this as well.
3. When you find other issues like application status not matching with reality, lodge complaint for this as well

Citizen Forum Website for lodging all complaints is