Saturday, July 23, 2011

PC to MAC, keys & equivalent applications

You might feel it a little difficult at the beginning when you migrate from PC to MAC (Windows Desktop/Laptop to MAC Desktop or Macbook Pro) But once you get familiar with MAC, it'll be much easier & efficient than other OS.

This post helps the people who need help with keys & equivalent applications for Windows in Mac OS.

In the format (Windows ==> Mac)

Beginning with Applications:

* Windows Explorer ==> Finder
* Control Panel ==> System Preferences
* Microsoft Outlook ==> Microsoft Entourage
* To eject any external devices connected like for Ex: USB Pen Drive ==> In Finder, infront of that newly created drive, there will be an eject button. Just click on that.
* To copy files from windows machine to mac, use the smb protocol. For ex: from one windows to other windows machine, we just use \\ in the "run" utility of windows & access the shared folder. In Mac you can use Finder, in Finder global menu, go to the "Go" tab & click on "connect to server". In the server address box, give it this way ==> smb:// After connecting, you can see the shared folder of the windows machine & then you can copy the files just by drag & drop.


* alt key ==> option key
* backspace key ==> delete key
* some times, ctrl key ==> command key
* Copy paste "ctrl + c" & "ctrl + v" ==> "command + c" & "command + v"
* To lock the computer (macbook pro) (ctrl + alt + del) ==> shift + control + eject
* Page Up ==> fn + Up Arrow key
* Page Down ==> fn + Down Arrow key
* Home ==> fn + Left Arrow key
* End ==> fn + Right Arrow key

Some really cool features of Mac touchpad:

* For right click, use 2 fingers & click (click with 2 fingers)
* For scrolling, use 2 fingers & just move your fingers up & down on the touchpad
* For back & forward use 3 fingers & move your fingers left for back & right for forward on the touchpad
* To switch to different application or list all the open applications, use 4 fingers & move the fingers left or right on the touchpad
* To show desktop when many windows/applications are open, use 4 fingers & move up in the touchpad. To get the applications/windows back, just move down with 4 fingers.

Missing Things or the one which i have not been able to find so far:

* Shift + Insert key which we generally use in VNC (Real/Tight) to paste the copied content. Looks like for Mac Keyboard, there is this Help key which can be used as an alternative for this. But for Macbook Pro, there is no such key.

Workaround for this which works out very well ...
To copy & paste in Real or Tight VNC which could be done by shift insert key in windows PC, to achieve the similar thing in MAC here are the easy steps ..

Copy Paste in Real/Tight VNC for MAC Snow Leopard :

* Get the 3-tap middle click for mac from here
* In the above page, click on MiddleClick (for Snow Leopard)
* Add this application in the Login Items (System Preferences -> Accounts -> Login Items)

How to use: Just select the text you want to copy & to paste tap with 3 fingers.


  1. This is very useful info for every new macbook owner! Thanks Rakesh!

  2. Hey Thanks for the comments Sarah, yes true, when I moved from PC to MAC, initially i struggled to find a similar key, hence i thought of having a consolidated list which will be useful for new people who are moving from PC to MAC.