Saturday, July 23, 2011

Check your pending Traffic Violations & Traffic Fees/Fines online

With most of the services going online on internet now its the turn of Bengaluru Traffic Police. Yes now you can check your pending traffic violations if you have done any & then pay the fines online. Its cool right :) The link for that, here you go

If the above link does'nt work, then look in the official Bengaluru Traffic Website, the link to check your pending fines is available on the bottom left side under the "Pay your fine" tab. Here you can also get information like where all cameras installed in Bengaluru city, live traffic, traffic management centers, emergency numbers for helpline, ambulance, ... complaints/suggestions, traffic Do's & Dont's, ...

Here is another link to check the traffic fines ..

Here is some more info on the Traffic & Transport Dept.

You can get the
Fees pertaining to Driving License, Registration & Vehicle related fines here ...

Website for Dept. of Road Transport, Govt. of India

Also you can try to the get the traffic & parking fine for your vehicle license place to your mobile by following the below steps ...

Send an sms to 52225 (Airtel subscribers) to query traffic fines.

Send sms in the following format:

BTIS FINE <Vehicle RTO Number>

For ex, to find out the status of traffic fines for the vehicle, KA01AB1234, the sms to be sent is



  1. how can i get driving license extract

  2. We know you don’t like standing in queues, waiting for your turn to pay traffic fines and in our day-to-day lives, we often forget our fine due dates or even just the amount of the fine itself! Don’t worry, because now thanks to the internet- everything is now technology-driven, which means you can now check and pay your traffic fines list online at your convenience.