Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Check Vehicle Owner Name by Registration Number - Bengaluru, Karnataka

Many a times we might need to check the owner of the vehicle due to lot of reasons. Here is the link to check for the same. It works for the Bangalore registration numbers, not sure about the other cities.


Also you can try to the get the vehicle information to your mobile by following the below steps ...

Send an sms to 52225 (Airtel subscribers) to query vehicle info.

Send sms in the following format:

BTIS RTO <Vehicle RTO Number>

For ex, to find out the information about the vehicle, KA01AB1234, the sms to be sent is


For some of the other Indian States click here.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good Schools in & around HSR Layout, Bengaluru

Hosur Sarjapur Road (HSR) Layout is one of a beautiful & fastest growing layout in south eastern part of Bengaluru/Bangalore. Its the layout developed by the BDA in the year 1984, but the actual growth started only after the year 2000 when all the Tech companies started setting up in Electronic city & outer ring road.

Here is the list of schools with contact details within HSR Layout which provides State, CBSE & ICSE syllabuses ..

Schools having State Syallabus:
Cambridge Public School
C.A. 13,  19th Main,
25th Cross, Sector-2, H.S.R Layout,
Bengaluru - 560102,
Phone : +91-80- 25723839,  25727335, 25727336, 25729395,
Email : info@cambridgepublicschool.com
Website : www.cambridgepublicschool.com

Chinmaya Vidya Mandira High School
2nd Sector, HSR Layout, Somasundara Palya,
Bengaluru - 560102
Ph: 080 - 41400067, 22790422
Mob: +91 9448878806, +91 9845119837
Email: svrinstituition@gmail.com
Website: http://svrinstitutions.com/cvm.html

Schools having CBSE Syllabus:
National Public School
32/P2, 17th B Main,
Sector 4, HSR Layout,
Bengaluru - 560102
Phone : 080 - 2572 9406 / 08 / 10
Fax : 080 - 2572 9409
Email : npshsr@dataone.in

JSS Public School
Sector VI, HSR Layout,
Bengaluru - 560102
Ph: 080 22970133
Website: http://jssedu.jssonline.org/jss-public-school-hsr-layout-adjacent-to-bda-complex-bangalore/

Freedom International School
C A # 33, Sector IV, HSR Layout
Bengaluru - 560102
Ph: 080 25729825 / 25729826 / 32002581
Email ID: freedominternationalschool@gmail.com
Website: http://www.freedom-international.in/

Schools having ICSE Syallabus:
Cambridge Public School
C.A. 13,  19th Main,
25th Cross, Sector-2, H.S.R Layout,
Bangalore - 560102,
Phone : +91-80- 25723839,  25727335, 25727336, 25729395,
Email : info@cambridgepublicschool.com
Website : www.cambridgepublicschool.com

Schools around HSR Layout within 12km distance:

CBSE Syllabus:
Delhi Public School
Survey No.43/1B &  45,
Sulikunte Village,
Dommasandra Post,
Bengaluru - 562125
Tel: (+91-80 ) 2782 2260, 2782 2261/63
Fax: ( +91-80 ) 2657 2787

GEAR Innovative Intl. School
GEAR Road, Doddakannelli,
Off Sarjapur Road & Outer Ring Road,
Bengaluru 560 035
Tel: 080 28440919/17
Email: info@gear.ac.in

ICSE Syllabus:
Green Wood High
No.8-14, Chickkawadayarapura, Near Heggondahalli, Gunjur Post, Varthur via, Bengaluru-560087. 
Phone :+91 80 27822888(10 lines)
Fax : +91 80 27822200
Email ID: admissions@greenwoodhigh.edu.in

Application forms for the admission to Pre-Nursery for the academic year 2011-2012 will be given on these dates for each school:
JSS Public School - 10th Oct 2011
Delhi Public School - 20th Oct 2011
Freedom International School - 2nd Nov 2011
NPS HSR Layout - Available on website from 1/11/2011 - 30/11/2011 : http://npshsr.com/
Last date to submit the application is 3/12/2011

Documents Required to submit the applications forms:
* Kid's birth certificate
* Parents degree certificate

Application Fees: 250-500/- Rs

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Flower Show, Lalbagh, Bengaluru - August 2011

Every Republic day (Jan 26th) & Independence day (Aug 15th) there will be a Flower Show in Bangalore usually in Lalbagh Garden. This year's Independence day, a Lotus Temple & the Wheel of Sun Temple, Konark is designed using the flowers in Lalbagh's Glass house.

Replica of Lotus Temple decorated by Flowers in Lalbagh, Bengaluru

Friday, July 29, 2011

Verify your LPG Gas connection & Ration Card status in Karnataka

As you all know more than 50% of the gas connections in Karnataka are suspended because of not submitting the documents. To track the gas connections & to restrict one gas connection per home, the Karnataka Government has mandated to produce the Electricity bill to retain your gas connection otherwise it'll be suspended. The gas connection is now related to the RR number of your electricity connection.

To check your current status of the Gas connection, click on the link below ...

If the above link does'nt work then click on the below link & in that ahar page, there will be a link with green color scrolling "Click here to view status of LPG/Ration card ..." do click on this link & you will go to the above page where you can check the status of your LPG & Ration card.


To check your Ration card status, click on the below link ...

If this link does'nt work, then do the same way as mentioned above, go to the ahar page & click the link

To upload the Electricity bill for your Gas connection online, click on the link below ...

If this link does'nt work, then do the same way as mentioned above, go to the ahar page & click the link

This is the Govt. Website for Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Confused whether to go for a Smatrphone

With the mobile revolution happening in the last decade, now its the Smart Phones getting popular day by day. It was the time when one wanted to talk to a person located in some other city, the person had to book a trunk call, when every thing was manual, then came the digital world & then the mobile phone. Last few years back mobile phones were used only for voice, then came the low bandwidth GPRS connectivity for data communication. Usage of mobile for internet was very minimal, but now with technology advancements, we have the so called Smart Phones, where the screen size is bigger, with better resolution, easy user interface blah blah. But do you really need all this ? Here are quick few points before taking the decision to go for Smart Phones.

* If your requirement if just to make/take the calls, send SMS, listen to the FM radio stations, play simple games, once in a while use internet, then Smart Phones are definitely not for you.

* Smart Phones are expensive, you may get one for the mid-range 8k-12k, but if you really want the powerful ones which can do lot of multitasking jobs, then you may have to shell out 30k+

* Smart phones if used properly are for increasing your productivity, if you are a person who would like to check & reply to emails in car/lifts, keep updated with happenings around the world, update your status, upload photos from anywhere around the world (Offcourse 3G network is required), then Smart Phones are good for you.

* Battery life of Smart Phones sucks because of its powerful CPUs, large display screens & touch screens.

* Even though you can browse internet not all websites are viewed properly, you may have to zoom each part of the page to view it clearly. Mobile pages can be viewed clearly, but not all websites have mobile pages.

* You can play cool games on the smart phones like the angry birds :-)

* Apps are one important features of the OS of the smart phones. A lot of free & paid apps are available on the internet.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

How to embed youtube videos & picasa/flickr photo albums in blogger

Lot of people might be looking for ways on how to embed a youtube video or a photo slide show in their website or blogger or wordpress, ... Its actually pretty simple, all you need to do is to add this piece of html code in your website or in your blog post's html code.

For Embedding Youtube Videos:

First search the video you want to embed in your webpage in youtube, copy the v=" .. " from the url, take the below html code & replace abcd with the above ID from the url. You can change the width & height according to your website dimensions.

<object width="525" height="400"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/abcd"><param name="wmode" value="transparent"><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/abcd" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="525" height="400"></embed></object>

For Embedding Picasa Album Slideshows:

You can embed a Flash slideshow of any web album. It'll be automatically updated when you make changes to your album. Follow these steps to embed a slideshow:
  1. On the My Photos page, click your album.
  2. Click Link to this album on the right-hand side.
  3. Click Embed Slideshow.
  4. Choose your slideshow settings, such as image size, captions, and autoplay.
  5. Once you've chosen your settings, copy the resulting HTML code (Ctrl-C).
  6. Paste the HTML in the source code for your site (Ctrl-V).

For Embedding Flickr Album Slideshows:

Copy the following html code given in the box below

Replace the user_id 123456@N05 with your flickr ID which you can get after logging in to your flickr/yahoo account. Paste this html code in your website/blogger's post.

If you want more customization, then do visit the following website ...

Embedding MP3/WMA songs in your blogpost:

For embedding songs in your website/blogger first you need to have an account in OpenDrive or some other storage website & get a direct link to your song file. Use the html code given in the below website & give the direct link of the song file. The website also mentions the procedure in detail.

PC to MAC, keys & equivalent applications

You might feel it a little difficult at the beginning when you migrate from PC to MAC (Windows Desktop/Laptop to MAC Desktop or Macbook Pro) But once you get familiar with MAC, it'll be much easier & efficient than other OS.

This post helps the people who need help with keys & equivalent applications for Windows in Mac OS.

In the format (Windows ==> Mac)

Beginning with Applications:

* Windows Explorer ==> Finder
* Control Panel ==> System Preferences
* Microsoft Outlook ==> Microsoft Entourage
* To eject any external devices connected like for Ex: USB Pen Drive ==> In Finder, infront of that newly created drive, there will be an eject button. Just click on that.
* To copy files from windows machine to mac, use the smb protocol. For ex: from one windows to other windows machine, we just use \\ in the "run" utility of windows & access the shared folder. In Mac you can use Finder, in Finder global menu, go to the "Go" tab & click on "connect to server". In the server address box, give it this way ==> smb:// After connecting, you can see the shared folder of the windows machine & then you can copy the files just by drag & drop.


* alt key ==> option key
* backspace key ==> delete key
* some times, ctrl key ==> command key
* Copy paste "ctrl + c" & "ctrl + v" ==> "command + c" & "command + v"
* To lock the computer (macbook pro) (ctrl + alt + del) ==> shift + control + eject
* Page Up ==> fn + Up Arrow key
* Page Down ==> fn + Down Arrow key
* Home ==> fn + Left Arrow key
* End ==> fn + Right Arrow key

Some really cool features of Mac touchpad:

* For right click, use 2 fingers & click (click with 2 fingers)
* For scrolling, use 2 fingers & just move your fingers up & down on the touchpad
* For back & forward use 3 fingers & move your fingers left for back & right for forward on the touchpad
* To switch to different application or list all the open applications, use 4 fingers & move the fingers left or right on the touchpad
* To show desktop when many windows/applications are open, use 4 fingers & move up in the touchpad. To get the applications/windows back, just move down with 4 fingers.

Missing Things or the one which i have not been able to find so far:

* Shift + Insert key which we generally use in VNC (Real/Tight) to paste the copied content. Looks like for Mac Keyboard, there is this Help key which can be used as an alternative for this. But for Macbook Pro, there is no such key.

Workaround for this which works out very well ...
To copy & paste in Real or Tight VNC which could be done by shift insert key in windows PC, to achieve the similar thing in MAC here are the easy steps ..

Copy Paste in Real/Tight VNC for MAC Snow Leopard :

* Get the 3-tap middle click for mac from here
* In the above page, click on MiddleClick (for Snow Leopard)
* Add this application in the Login Items (System Preferences -> Accounts -> Login Items)

How to use: Just select the text you want to copy & to paste tap with 3 fingers.

Khatha Transfer Procedure, Bengaluru

Khatha/Khata means just an account of the property holder in the city, this is used for accessing the property tax within BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) jurisdiction. Its mainly required when you want to sell the property, or when you want to apply for a loan or transfer the loan to another bank.

Once you purchase a property (A site or an apartment) you have to transfer the khatha in your name after registering the property. In case of an apartment, the builder will first need to have the khatha transfered in their name from the land lord & then there should be a khatha bifurcation done to each individual apt. Then the individual owner has to transfer the khatha in their name after registration.

List of documents required for Khatha Transfer (Apartment):
1) Notarized or registered copy of apartment sale deed (mandatory).
2) Demand Draft (payable in Bangalore) in name of Commissioner BBMP for 2% of stamp
duty paid.
3) Copy of khatha for land (Get it from the builder)
4) Copy of upto date tax paid receipt (Get it from builder for pre-registration period & latest tax paid receipts by you for post registration period)
5) Copy of Encumbrance certificate (You can get it from the sub-registrar office)
6) Copy of BDA approval (Get it from the builder)
7) Copy of occupancy certificate (Again get it from the builder)
8) Copy of apartment Floor plan

Procedure for Khatha transfer:
  • Find the BBMP office for your ward, you can get the address from the BBMP website. http://www.bbmp.gov.in/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=123&Itemid=151
  • You can get the Khatha transfer form from these BBMP offices, fill it & submit all the above mentioned documents with the filled in form in the BBMP office.
  • Once you submit all the documents and the form, they will give you an acknowledgement form (essentially a pink form attached to the form you submit.
  • After they approve (approx. lead time of 3/4 weeks), they will ask you to submit the DD
  • Once you submit the DD, it will take a week to get the Khatha document after that
  • When you collect the Khatha documents (3 in all), they will also give you the receipt for the DD amount paid by you

Khatha Transfer Fee:
2% stamp duty of your registered value + 125/- admin fee)

BBMP Website for more info ...

Check your pending Traffic Violations & Traffic Fees/Fines online

With most of the services going online on internet now its the turn of Bengaluru Traffic Police. Yes now you can check your pending traffic violations if you have done any & then pay the fines online. Its cool right :) The link for that, here you go


If the above link does'nt work, then look in the official Bengaluru Traffic Website, the link to check your pending fines is available on the bottom left side under the "Pay your fine" tab. Here you can also get information like where all cameras installed in Bengaluru city, live traffic, traffic management centers, emergency numbers for helpline, ambulance, ... complaints/suggestions, traffic Do's & Dont's, ...


Here is another link to check the traffic fines ..


Here is some more info on the Traffic & Transport Dept.

You can get the
Fees pertaining to Driving License, Registration & Vehicle related fines here ...


Website for Dept. of Road Transport, Govt. of India


Also you can try to the get the traffic & parking fine for your vehicle license place to your mobile by following the below steps ...

Send an sms to 52225 (Airtel subscribers) to query traffic fines.

Send sms in the following format:

BTIS FINE <Vehicle RTO Number>

For ex, to find out the status of traffic fines for the vehicle, KA01AB1234, the sms to be sent is


Government of India Online Grievance Forum

Yes, finally we have an e-grievance portal from Govt. of India, you can make use of this to raise concerns/complaints instead of burning buses, holding dharanas, ... We can do it peacefully


The Government of India has an online Grievance forum at http://www.pgportal.gov.in
The govt. wants people to use this tool to highlight the problems they faced while dealing with Government officials or departments like

1) Railways

2) Posts

3) Telecom (incl. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) & Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL )

4) Urban Development (Delhi Development Authority (DDA) , Land & Development Office (L&DO) , Central Public Works Department (CPWD), etc)

5) Petroleum & Natural Gas

6) Civil Aviation (Air India , Airports Authority of India , etc)

7) Shipping, Road Transport & Highways

8) Tourism

9) Public Sector Banks
Allahabad Bank Andhra Bank Bank of Baroda Bank of India Bank of Maharashtra Canara Bank Central Bank of India Corporation Bank Dena Bank Indian Bank Indian Overseas Bank Industrial Development Bank of India Ltd National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Oriental Bank of Commerce Punjab & Sind Bank Punjab National Bank Small Industries Development Bank of India State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur State Bank of Hyderabad State Bank of India State Bank of Indore State Bank of Mysore State Bank of Patiala State Bank of Travancore Syndicate Bank UCO Bank Union Bank of India United Bank of India Vijaya Bank

10) Public Sector Insurance Companies
GIC of India Life Insurance Corporation of India National Insurance Company Ltd. The New India Assurance Company Ltd. The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. United India Insurance Company Ltd.

11) National Saving Scheme of Ministry of Finance

12) Employees' Provident Fund Organization

13) Regional Passport Authorities
Regional Passport Office, Ahemadabad Regional Passport Office, Amritsar Regional Passport Office, Bangalore Regional Passport Office, Bareilly Regional Passport Office, Bhopal Regional Passport Office, Bhubaneswar Regional Passport Office, Chandigarh Regional Passport Office, Chennai Regional Passport Office, Cochin Regional Passport Office, Coimbatore Regional Passport Office, Dehradun Regional Passport Office, Delhi Regional Passport Office, Ghaziabad Regional Passport Office, Goa Regional Passport Office, Guwahati Regional Passport Office, Hyderabad Regional Passport Office, Jaipur Regional Passport Office, Jalandhar Regional Passport Office, Jammu Regional Passport Office, Kolkata Regional Passport Office, Kozhikode Regional Passport Office, Lucknow Regional Passport Office, Madurai Regional Passport Office, Malappuram Regional Passport Office, Mumbai Regional Passport Office, Nagpur Regional Passport Office, Patna Regional Passport Office, Pune Regional Passport Office, Raipur Regional Passport Office, Ranchi Regional Passport Office, Shimla Regional Passport Office, Srinagar Regional Passport Office, Surat Regional Passport Office, Thane Regional Passport Office, Trichy Regional Passport Office, Trivandrum Regional Passport Office, Visakhapatnam

14) Central Government Health Scheme

15) Central Board of Secondary Education

16) Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan

17) National Institute of Open Schooling

18) Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti

19) Central Universities

20) ESI Hospitals and Dispensaries directly controlled by ESI Corporation under Ministry of Labour