Sunday, July 24, 2011

Confused whether to go for a Smatrphone

With the mobile revolution happening in the last decade, now its the Smart Phones getting popular day by day. It was the time when one wanted to talk to a person located in some other city, the person had to book a trunk call, when every thing was manual, then came the digital world & then the mobile phone. Last few years back mobile phones were used only for voice, then came the low bandwidth GPRS connectivity for data communication. Usage of mobile for internet was very minimal, but now with technology advancements, we have the so called Smart Phones, where the screen size is bigger, with better resolution, easy user interface blah blah. But do you really need all this ? Here are quick few points before taking the decision to go for Smart Phones.

* If your requirement if just to make/take the calls, send SMS, listen to the FM radio stations, play simple games, once in a while use internet, then Smart Phones are definitely not for you.

* Smart Phones are expensive, you may get one for the mid-range 8k-12k, but if you really want the powerful ones which can do lot of multitasking jobs, then you may have to shell out 30k+

* Smart phones if used properly are for increasing your productivity, if you are a person who would like to check & reply to emails in car/lifts, keep updated with happenings around the world, update your status, upload photos from anywhere around the world (Offcourse 3G network is required), then Smart Phones are good for you.

* Battery life of Smart Phones sucks because of its powerful CPUs, large display screens & touch screens.

* Even though you can browse internet not all websites are viewed properly, you may have to zoom each part of the page to view it clearly. Mobile pages can be viewed clearly, but not all websites have mobile pages.

* You can play cool games on the smart phones like the angry birds :-)

* Apps are one important features of the OS of the smart phones. A lot of free & paid apps are available on the internet.


  1. Good update on Smartphone, after reading this I am bit clear about Smartphone.......

  2. Hi Manju,

    Thanks for reading the post & the comments.